Dementia / Alzheimer's Care

Dementia / Alzheimer's Care

Designed to meet the individual's needs of activities of daily living by our specially trained medical and ancillary staff.

If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's or a related dementia, you are not alone. Alzheimer's and related dementias affect about 5.4 million people. For many families, a common mistake is waiting until a crisis, which may include injury or wandering, before seeking help. It's important that you begin planning now to find suitable care before a crisis or major issue occurs.

At Glen Elston everyone from our nurses to housekeepers are trained and dedicated to increase awareness, create security, and ensure comfort. Educational growth and development is a necessary requirement for Glen Elston's clinical team. Our entire staff completes an extensive training program in order to provide exceptional care for those with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. In addition, professional consultants regularly provide information towards staff growth, development, and achievement. We provide quality, compassionate care which is always a rewarding experience for our staff and families.

Specialized Dementia / Alzheimer's care matters and we are here to provide this unique care in a safe and nurturing environment. From the professional staff that interacts and engages your loved one to the carefully researched and thoughtfully designed programming, we recognize every individual's physical, mental and social needs and provide an environment that fosters optimal independence for as long as possible.

Our skilled medical facility possesses the equipment and staff that specializes in catering to patients in different stages of dementia. Our staff is qualified to deal with dementia as it appears and progresses so our residents will not have to be moved to a new facility after a decline in mobility.